Political Campaign Fundraising

Raising Campaign Funds?

Raising funds for your political campaign is one of the most critical activities for a campaign. 

Without funds you are not able to run an effective campaign & as we all know the financial requirements of an effective campaign continue to climb.

There are a number of different ways to secure funds for your campaign, but one of the most important is the traditional direct mail campaign.  Tri M Graphics is equipped to help you do this as effectively & efficiently as possible. 

When thinking about your fundraising goal (be sure to set a goal for the campaign) it is important to divide that goal up in to various ways to realize that goal.

Here is a list of some ways to raise funds for your campaign:

  • Personal Ask – MOST CRITICAL! Especially for the larger dollar amounts.
  • Online fundraising – be sure that your website and social media outlets are connected to a fundraising portal that people can give through.
  • Fundraising events – these can serve a couple of purposes (one is to raise much needed money, but also create awareness of the candidate.)
  • Cold Calling/Telemarketing
  • Direct Mailthis is THE MOST CRITICAL activity to raising funds

With any of these ways, it is critical that you spend some time defining your audience, who are you sending to and why?  People do not give to campaigns in the same way that they would donate to their favorite charity.  People that are giving to campaigns are doing so because they view it as an investment.  This investment may be in a friend or someone that they view to be a good person.  This investment may be because they view this person to carry their interests in to office and help to make good policies that they feel best reflect them.  They may have other special interests related to various hot button issues that might cause them to add their name to support.  If you are aware of this, you can better solicit your lists that you are working with.  Data is key – having the best lists to work with really will help you be more effective in the messaging and ultimately the best results.

When looking at the data – think of it kind of like a bullseye target with the candidate and their connections in the center.  That is where you want to start and you will reap the greatest reward.  Personal calls and contacts by the candidate will be critical.  The next ring would be the personal connections that the candidate has – who are the friends and connections of the candidate, how can you reach them?  Causes or Ideology – would be the next ring.  What causes does the candidate stand for?  How can you reach those same audiences to encourage them to support your candidate?  The fourth ring is looking at your opponent – who is against your opponent?  Who would be willing to give money to your campaign to see that opponent not make it in to office?  The final ring is reserved for those that are looking for connections to the candidate, who is looking to make inroads personally & professionally by having a connection with the candidate?

Direct mail – is an effective way to reach these audiences, but you will need to pay careful attention to this tool to make it as effective as possible.

Common components of an effective Fundraising Direct mail include:

  • Outer Envelope – this is your billboard to get them to open the envelope, call out messages and color can be very effective ways to engage with the reader.
  • Fundraising Letter – well thought out letter appealing to the target audience selected.
    • Make sure your letter is compelling & emotional.  Your letter MUST have a SOLID opening sentence.
    • Pull Quotes – help those that may skim the letter and not read the entire document, charts in the letter can also help to do this.  Not everyone will read the entire letter so we want to make it possible for them to get the point of the letter and be able to respond accordingly.
    • Sense of urgency & specific amounts to give are important.
  • Insert – it is sometimes effective to include info about the candidate, this visual piece can be an effective way to connect with the audience.  This is important if the recipient may not know the candidate.
  • Reply Card – this is a great way to gain additional information about your donor.  Email, phone, and additional ways to support the campaign like “lawn signs, volunteering, phone calling, etc.”.
  • Reply Envelope – you do NOT want to have the donor try and find an envelope to mail their check in.  If they have to look for an envelope, you may lose them in the process.

All of these pieces MUST coordinate and share the same message to the targeted audience that has been selected.  You want to make this as easy as possible for the reader of the letter.

RESOLICIT – Once you have received funds from a donor, do NOT be afraid to go back to them as the campaign goes on.  There will be new deadlines and reasons to revisit your existing donors.

Build a donor base – be sure to look for a larger base of donors at smaller dollar amounts & then go back to them repeatedly as issues and the situation with the campaign warrants.  You are building a relationship with them.  If you are going back to them, a second or third time please be sure to acknowledge their first gift.  This acknowledgement will go a long way.

THANK YOU!! – do NOT forget to THANK THEM!! It is critical that you take time to thank your supporters.  A donor that feels appreciated is much more likely to give again and again.

Tri M Graphics is equipped to help you in this process – give us a call TODAY 507-451-3920 or 800-491-3922.  A real person is only a phone call away!

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