YE Personalized Campaign

Personalize Your Year-End Campaign.

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We customize each and every fundraising campaign we work on.

Up to 35% of charitable giving happens between Thanksgiving and the end of the year according to
With this in mind it is critical for charitable organizations to consider a year-end fundraising appeal.  At Tri M Graphics we like to switch the thinking up a little bit.

We encourage you to revisit your relationship with volunteers, members and/or donors.  These individuals are connected with your organization for a reason and they want to see that it succeeds in its mission.

When it comes to fundraising your role is to help them understand how they can have a financial impact to keep the mission alive.  In that process they like to be recognized for how they engage with your organization.  A personalized End of the Year mailing utilizing the latest technology in variable printing can really help to connect with YOUR donors.

Competition during this time of year is strong, in not only varied interests and activities, but also the pure volume of organizations reaching out to connect with their constituents. Your personalized mailing will help have a better chance of being acknowledged over the competition.

Tri M Graphics wants to help you set yourself apart from other organizations competing for funds. 

A well thought out personalized approach to year-end giving can have the greatest impact on results!



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