EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail


With Tri M Graphics . . .

Easy, Affordable - great way to reach prospective customers.

SPECIAL PRICING: by utilizing Tri M's Full Service you can take advantage of the lowest postage rates for EDDM (ONLY .182 each) - Tri M also does our best to keep the pricing of these mailings as affordable as possible.  We have many options for you to choose from to find the best combination of price and impact!

You know your neighborhoods; you know what part of your community you want to reach.  Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is the perfect way to do just that. The Tri M Team can work with you to select specific postal carrier routes (the BEST ONES) for your mailing to reach. 

This is all very affordable and can help you to break in to new areas of your community with your products and services. 

All of this can be done withOUT having to purchase any lists. 

It should be called (Easy Direct Delivery Mail) rather than Every Door Direct Mail.

Perfect tool for Political Candidates, from School Board, City Council to State and Congressional Offices.  It is IDEAL for Retail businesses or maybe service businesses that need to target a specific geographic area.

The EDDM BMEU Service:

  • Doesn’t require a permit
  • Offers a saturated mailing where every location along their chosen postal routes receives their mailer
  • Is priced at a lower rate than either First-Class Mail® services or Marketing Mail® services
  • Utilize Tri M's Postal Permit to access this service and SAVE on postage!



EDDM Retail mailpieces have specificsize requirements.

Mailpieces must:         

  • Weigh less than 3.3 ounces
  • Be rectangular
  • Maximum15” long 12" high.75 thickMinimumgreater than 10.5” long OR6.125” high OR.25” Thick
  • A mailpiece only has to be greater than one of the minimum dimensions in this diagram to be a flat. 

Let Tri M Graphics take the worry and hassle out of these mailings for you.

We know EDDM inside and out and are ready to help you do these mailings with ease.

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